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Health and Safety

We are committed to protecting the health, safety, and well-being of our most valuable resources – our employees, contractors and communities.

Through training programs, mentorship initiatives, and safety focused meetings, we have invested significant resources into ensuring all Coeur employees are prepared with the information and tools they need to protect not only themselves, but also the teammates that work beside them.

  • Kensington
    When Duty Calls Our Team is Ready
    When Duty Calls

    Accessible only by boat or air, our Kensington mine must be equipped to independently handle all types of emergencies. To ensure we’re prepared, we’ve created a 39-member rescue team consisting of underground and surface divisions, as well as, emergency trauma and medical technicians.

    The employee all-volunteer based team attends monthly trainings that enhance their skills and ensure they are familiar with the latest safety measures, from firefighting to vehicle extrication, high-angle rescue and beyond. In addition to their regular drills, the team strives to expand their capabilities by attending safety conferences, workshops and rescue competitions across the country. Thanks to their dedication, Kensington is better suited to protect all of their employees.

    Utilizing our Workforce as Our Number 1 Resource
    Utilizing our Workforce as our Number 1 Resource

    Each Coeur mine site utilizes a safety specific program that promotes the importance of safety and educates employees on hazard recognition. Each program differs slightly based on the mine site’s needs, but they all focus on peer-to-peer feedback and involvement. These programs highlight behavior-based safety methods, which helps generate meaningful feedback, foster open-discussions, and creates a healthy, supportive environment.

    Coeur Mining Receives National Mining Association’s CORESafety Certification
    CORESafety award story

    In July 2017, Coeur Mining received the CORESafety certification from the National Mining Association (NMA). CORESafety is a voluntary mine safety and health initiative developed and facilitated by the NMA. Coeur achieved this certification by committing to the CORESafety system, submitting annual progress assessment reports to the NMA, and by completing a third-party assement of the company’s safety and health management system. This achievement means that Coeur Mining meets the designated health and safety standards outlined by the NMA.

    Coeur is fifth NMA member company to complete each step of the certification process. The CORESafety system has helped us reduce our injury rates by over 75 percent since 2012. We look forward to using it as the framework for even further health and safety improvement going forward as we continue to pursue a higher standard in all aspects of our business.

Our 2,000 employees span across five operations in North America.

Coeur employs a diverse group of individuals dedicated to the success of not only the company, but also the success of their families, and their communities. Employees with a variety of backgrounds and knowledge can help to build a stronger company. 12% of our overall workforce is comprised of females and that number is consistently growing.

Percentage of Female Employees Broken Down by site:

  % of Females
Chicago 35%
Kensington 8%
Rochester 13%
Wharf 9%
Palmarejo 8%
Silvertip 11%
Overall 12%

Coeur believes in hiring locally from the communities in which we operate. Hiring local people helps to build community support, economic growth and enhances local knowledge. For example, in 2016, 90% of Coeur Wharf’s new hires were hired locally from the Black Hills region.

Human Rights

From electricity to clean water, Coeur is committed to protecting the human rights of our employees and the communities in which we operate. Integrity is a central value at Coeur. We generate trust and respect through clear, inclusive communication. This cooperative climate rewards diverse opinions and foster ethical behavior within our operations and our communities.

Strong Local Partnerships Help Silvertip Succeed

Strong Local Partnerships Help Silvertip Succeed

Silvertip is committed to maintaining a positive relationship with the First Nation people. Silvertip is proud to say that the average employment of First Nation people has been 25% or greater of the workforce onsite. Silvertip supports First Nation businesses as well. Most of the site-service contracts are provided by First Nation and First Nation partnership businesses.

Providing Winter Necessities for Those In-Need

Providing Winter Necessities for Those In-Need

Hats, scarves and gloves are items we often take for granted, but the reality is that far too many in our community go without these basic-necessities. Each holiday season Coeur Wharf employees unite to provide children from the local Boys & Girls Club with warm winter clothes and food. Thanks to their efforts, over 100 children in South Dakota – many of whom live in poverty or are considered high-risk – had a warmer, happier holiday.


Community involvement 

Coeur is an integral part of the communities in and with which we work. We are committed to giving back. In 2017 alone, we supported over 260 local organizations company-wide through financial contributions and/or personnel service time.

Socioeconomic impact assessments are completed for each operation prior to development and are updated periodically to support major mine operational changes. These assessments help Coeur to understand the key social values and economic variables that are affected by construction and operation so that 1) mitigation of potential negative socioeconomic effects can occur and 2) benefits flow to the communities where we operate.

Community health and wellness

We believe in fostering the wellbeing of our surrounding communities. In many of our locations, we are the leading source of employment. As an integral part of these communities, we feel that we are responsible for ensuring all our team members receive the care they need. That’s why we have made wellness and preventative health a top priority.

  • Palmarejo
    A Community Clinic for a Growing Community
    A Community Clinic for a Growing Community

    Palmarejo has an onsite health clinic that serves not only the employees but also the surrounding community. The clinic serves as a home base for a network of health services and trainings about individual, family and community wellness. Recent updates by Palmarejo has improved the overall infrastructure of the clinic and the services offered there.

    Encouraging a Happier, Healthier Workforce
    Encouraging a Happier, Healthier Workforce

    In 2011, Wharf implemented a mine-wide wellness program, Rock Solid @ Work to improve the overall wellbeing of their workforce. The goals of the program include:

    • Encourage employees to make healthier choices to live healthier lives
    • Reduce musculoskeletal pain among employees
    • Increase functional movement ability among employees

    Every employee at Wharf starts their shift with the Rock Solid @ Work exercises.

    The exercises prepare the employee for the day and the tasks they are about to encounter. Since its inception, the program has seen positive trend in the goal areas listed above.


Coeur utilizes an Integrated Management System (IMS) to ensure a consistent approach to maintain and continually improve Environmental, Health, Safety, and Corporate Responsibility (EHSCR) efforts across sites and meet internal objectives and regulatory requirements. The IMS is principles-based and is modeled on several frameworks that align with nationally recognized standards including the following:

  • Environmental: International Standard Organization (ISO) 14001
  • Health and Safety: Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) 18001 and the U.S. National Mining Association’s “CORESafety” initiative
  • Social Responsibility: ISO 26000 for social responsibility.

Coeur’s IMS is certified by CORESafety, a partnership led by the members of the National Mining Association. EHSCR efforts are integral to Coeur’s business and are overseen by the CEO and the Board of Directors through its EHSCR Committee.

Environmental Biodiversity

Understanding, measuring, protecting, and enhancing biodiversity in local areas is an important part of protecting our planet. Coeur conducts biodiversity impact assessments for each operation prior to development and these assessments are updated periodically to support major mine operational changes.  By assessing and monitoring the biotic environment, we understand the influence of a proposed action before development begins, and we can factor in design changes, reclamation and conservation strategies, and develop mitigation plans for conservation and habitat management, both during operations and closure.

Environmental Stewardship

At Coeur, reducing our impact on the environment is a team effort. Consideration of both current and potential environmental challenges is an integral part of the mining life cycle. We strive to mitigate the environmental impact of our operations, and have comprehensive environmental management programs to meet governmental standards, and address risk management and management.

Environmental impacts, including greenhouse gas and air emission, energy consumption, waste generation, aquatic and terrestrial flora and fauna, water quality, and water usage, are some of the monitoring areas we focus on at our Coeur operations during the different phases of the mine life cycle.

Coeur has proactively worked to reduce their environmental footprint through minimizing energy consumption and increasing the amount of recycling. Since 2012, Coeur has achieved:

39% - Reduction in total energy consumption per ton of ore processed
64% - Reduction in total energy cost (USD) per ton of ore processed
50% - Reduction in the amount of waste generated per ton of ore processed
63% - Reduction in Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions per ton of ore processed
66% - Reduction in direct energy consumption (megajoules per ton of ore processed)
139% - Increase in total volume of water recycled
*Note: per ton of ore processed is a general term inclusive of tons milled, processed, or placed for leaching, etc.
Since 2012, Coeur has recycled:
7,236 - Metric tons of scrap metal recycled
3,315 - Cubic meters of used oil recycled
  • Palmarejo
    Growing a Forest to Offset Impact
    Growing a Forest to Offset Impact

    In 2015, Palmarejo developed Unidad de Manejo para la Conservación de la Vida Silvestre, or UMA. UMA is a protected area that span approximately 900 acres of land near the mine site. Emphasizing conservation and habitat enhancement, the Mexican Secretariat for the Environment (SEMARNAT) deemed the creation of UMA an important step towards sustainability.

    Palmarejo also operates a reforestation program which focuses on raising young plants native to the region to help restore surrounding landscapes. Thanks to our efforts in 2015, approximately 3,300 acres were reforested with more than 700 different plant species.

    Transparency and Involvement = A Recipe for Success at Silvertip
    Transparency and Involvement = A Recipe for Success at Silvertip

    Silvertip places a strong emphasis on protecting the local wildlife and being mindful of the land they operate on; therefore, they employ a Kaska Environmental Monitor and a Kaska Community Liaison. These positions help to ensure that the surrounding First Nation community has a direct contact regarding both the environmental and the cultural practices onsite.

    A Refreshing Approach to Water Treatment
    A Refreshing Approach to Water Treatment

    Each year Coeur Wharf collects approximately 127 million gallons of storm water that falls on their lined facilities. Every gallon of storm water and process water used in mine production must be denitrified. Wharf has installed cutting-edge biological treatment systems that use bacteria in large tanks to breakdown contaminants.

    Wharf’s denitrification system handles and recirculates approximately 800 gallons of water a minute. That equals out to about one million gallons a day! This system was recognized with an award by the South Dakota Department of Environmental Natural Resources.

    Protecting Wildlife with a Proactive Approach
    Protecting Wildlife with a Proactive Approach

    In November 2017, Coeur Wharf installed a perimeter fence and gate around their Egg Pond to discourage surrounding wildlife from entering the area. The Egg Pond is a non-process/non-cyanide pond, but historically has attracted more deer than any other pond onsite. The South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks department commended Wharf on this proactive effort and approach to protect local wildlife.