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At Coeur, effective human capital management is critical to achieving our strategic goals. Coeur’s leadership principles are the foundation for a common language through which all employees can navigate individual success while collectively driving long-term value, and we seek to recruit and retain employees at all levels who embody our purpose statement through safe and ethical conduct.

We have the highest regard for the dignity, well-being and human rights of our employees, the communities in which we work and live and other stakeholders affected by our operations. These commitments are embedded in our Human Rights Policy  (Spanish version) and Code of Conduct.

We aim to be an employer of choice by promoting safety first, proactively developing our people and embracing diversity in all its forms. We believe in working together as a team to deliver impactful results for our stakeholders. Our focus on long-term value emphasizes quality and safety while integrating innovation into our daily activities. We succeed when we work together.

Coeur's People Goal

For more information on our management strategies and performance, please refer to our 2021 ESG Report.

Recruitment, Retention and Engagement

Creating and fostering a culture where we can hire and retain quality people and keep them engaged is a priority for Coeur.

Coeur believes in going above a fair and living wage to provide highly competitive compensation for our employees. In line with the mining industry, our average employee earns 40% more than the average employee in their local markets according to industry benchmarking. While Coeur acknowledges and respects the right for employees to engage in collective bargaining, our employees have repeatedly chosen not to.

To learn more about our comprehensive benefits and our Coeur Heroes program, check out our Careers page.

When finding new talent, we seek employees who embody our principles through safe and ethical conduct and who can help foster an inclusive culture. At our mine sites, our strong culture of teamwork and our reputation as an engaged community member motivates new employee referrals. We have also created a series of partnership programs in local communities to provide internships, scholarships and apprenticeships to build a pipeline of potential employees in the next generation.

During 2020, while under unprecedented circumstances, it was even more important that we Protect our People, which meant being able to offer nimble, flexible and work from home arrangements for non-operations personnel and taking steps at the mine sites to help limit exposure and elicit a quick response when COVID-19 exposure occurred.

In response to COVID-19, we increased visibility around mental health and other wellness resources. Our Human Resources team initiated “check-ins” directly with employees to open a pathway for communication and to make sure that employees’ needs are being met and that they feel supported.

Our commitment to investing in the development of our talent includes our IMPACT training leadership program – a one-year leadership program that includes mentoring for frontline supervisors. Through the IMPACT training, we have invested over 16,412 cumulative hours of leadership training and personal development in over 100 employees.

In 2022, we are expanding our culture of training with the offering of Advanced Impact Training (AIT) for senior managers and directors to further develop their skills.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Coeur believes in a diverse and inclusive culture of respect and equity where employees with different ages, races, religions, gender and preferences are all brought together by a common purpose: We Pursue a Higher Standard. Through training, communication, hiring efforts, assessments, and collaboration among all teams, not just Human Resources, we aim to foster diversity, equity and inclusion in our workplace as well as instill trust and empathy among our employees.

Demonstrating senior leadership’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, our President & CEO, Mitchell Krebs, signed the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion pledge in 2019, the first precious metals mining CEO to do so. Through this pledge we have taken specific actions including joining with organizations across the country in hosting Days of Understanding in 2020, 2021 and 2022 for employees to come together to have an open dialogue and meaningful conversations on diversity, equity and inclusion, explore our blind spots and unconscious biases and foster a more inclusive workplace.

Another initiative stemming from our CEO Action pledge was our partnership with Women in Mining USA, a national organization composed of people working in all aspects of mining, to host a 3-part webinar series. Each webinar featured Coeur Mining female personnel discussing their experiences within the industry. We plan on expanding our participation with the international Women in Mining organization through our Palmarejo mine which will be joining Women in Mining Mexico in 2021.

Our recruitment efforts are another valuable way we build a diverse workforce. During 2020, we shifted the focus of recruiting online, allowing us to reach a more diverse pool of candidates through new platforms and recruiting strategies. We also have ongoing efforts through our Coeur Heroes program, which highlights and engages current and former military members through on-the-job experience and has provided almost 90 career opportunities to current and former U.S. military personnel since inception.

We recognize that diverse teams make the strongest teams. We welcome and support a variety of backgrounds, skills and experiences as we stay true to our purpose, We Pursue a Higher Standard.


For more information and facts about Our People, visit our Careers page.

Employee Health, Safety & Security

Our principles of Protect, Develop and Deliver apply to our most valuable resource – people. Safety is at the foundation of everything we do. We believe in everyone returning home safely every day.

With the goal of health and safety including reducing incidents, our efforts are focused on upstream approaches that control, eliminate or reduce exposure for employees and others. We strive for continuous improvement and collaboration by engaging all levels of the workforce.

Building on our continuous safety improvement performance, in 2021 we initiated the rollout of our Critical Risk Management (CRM) program – a framework of tools and processes to help identify, reduce, control and eliminate high-risk exposures within our day-to-day activities.  Our CRM program has been implemented across all levels of the organization. 

Certification and Audit

We actively participate and are certified in the CORESafety safety management system, a comprehensive certification program comparable to other international safety standards. Created for the mining industry by the National Mining Association (NMA), CORESafety also integrates leadership and culture into safety.

In validation of our health and safety culture and practices, Coeur received the Verdantix 2019 Environment Health & Safety Innovation Award in the Metals, Mining & Natural Resources category. This award was given for the successful integration of Internet-of-Things devices with safety management software to increase efficiency, reduce silos and barriers, and create a system that supports business success. We are proud of our safety culture.

For more information on our safety management and performance, read our 2021 ESG Report.


When Duty Calls, Our Team is Ready

Accessible only by boat or air, our Kensington mine must be equipped to independently handle all types of emergencies. To ensure we’re prepared, we’ve created a 39-member rescue team consisting of underground and surface divisions, as well as, emergency trauma and medical technicians.

The employee all-volunteer based team attends monthly trainings that enhance their skills and ensure they are familiar with the latest safety measures, from firefighting to vehicle extrication, high-angle rescue and beyond. In addition to their regular drills, the team strives to expand their capabilities by attending safety conferences, workshops and rescue competitions across the country. Thanks to their dedication, Kensington is better suited to protect their employees.



Safety First at Wharf Mine

On October 3, 2021 (and maintained through 2021), our Coeur Wharf team achieved the significant safety milestone of operating for one year without a reportable safety incident. This achievement reflects our company culture of personal ownership, commitment to teamwork and prioritizing safety above all else.

Coeur Wharf comprises a team of approximately 250 miners, geologists, engineers, front-line operators, health, safety and various other business leaders. “Of all the accomplishments we’ve achieved this year, it’s our safety performance that I am most proud of. This milestone is the result of a dedicated team effort, it’s every person looking after their own personal safety and the safety of the person working alongside them,” Ken Nelson, Regional General Manager shared.

While our company-wide approach to safety starts at the highest levels in our organization, a commitment that permeates from our leadership team to front-line operators, it’s the empowerment inherent in our company culture that allows every employee the confidence and accountability to put their safety and the safety of their teammates above all else.

The framework that supports our safety culture and continuous improvement efforts is CORESafety®, a safety management system and comprehensive, industry-wide standard. We have been CORESafety® certified since 2017 and completed our recertification in 2021.

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