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  • Financial Value
  • Economic Opportunity

Financial Value

Our operations are helping to contribute to the financial growth of our stockholders and the communities in which we operate. As the largest U.S.-based primary silver and a significant gold producer, Coeur is helping to create financial value within the communities surrounding our five wholly-owned operations and across all locations where Coeur maintains a presence. Our operations provide wages and benefits that contribute not only to our employees’ well-being, but also to the economic strength of the communities where we operate.

In 2016, Coeur spent $188 million on compensation and benefits for our employees.

Economic opportunity/Donations

We go above and beyond our mining operations to provide numerous opportunities for economic growth. In addition to the thousands of mining-specific jobs we create, we’ve developed many initiatives designed to offer a variety of employment opportunities to local community members. Coeur has developed a number of training programs across our operations. By providing training, new job possibilities, and the foundation for economic stability, we are helping sustain the communities in which we operate.

In 2016, Coeur contributed to more than 150 organizations within the areas in which we operate. These donations can be broken-down into the following categories: local education, health & wellness, community development, and arts & culture, but ultimately support the concept of sustainability.

  • Rochester
    Being an Active Member of the Lovelock Community
    Being an Active Member of the Lovelock Community

    Rochester is a proud supporter of the Locklock community and gives-back in a variety of ways. Rochester believes in donating to local events that haven proven to bring revenue into the city of Lovelock. Such events include, the Nugget Shoot, Lover’s Aloft Balloon Festival, Lovelock Frontier Days, etc. Because of these events, visitors come to Lovelock and utilitize the hotels, restaurants, and local shops found there. Rochester also enjoys participating in Lovelock’s annual Community Clean-up day.

    Leading the Way with the United Way since 2012
    Leading the Way with the United Way since 2012

    Kensington believes that early education is a cornerstone for success, so in 2012 we teamed up with the United Way, investing $75,000 to develop a Reading Tutor program to help ensure all students are reading at the appropriate level by 3rd grade. The program identifies students in need of assistance, solicits and engages volunteers, and provides tutor training.

    Tutors provide students with reading practice, meaningful discussion on book content and confidence-building motivation. To date, more than 100 students have received assistance from the Reading Tutor Program. Coeur and United Way are continuing to expand the program, growing our group of dedicated volunteers and improving graduation rates.

    A Symbiotic Relationship for the History Books
    A Symbiotic Relationship for the History Books

    One of Coeur Wharf’s largest partnerships is also their closest neighbor. The Terry Peak Ski Hill and Wharf share a hillside that both businesses are able to use for business. Wharf mines the hillside during the spring and summer months, while Terry Peak uses the hillside during the winter. Once mining is complete on the hillside, Wharf will reclaim the area and extend several ski slopes for Terry Peak’s use.