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Gold $1,927.96+0.25
Silver $23.60+0.01


We believe in doing the right thing, the right way, which is why we focus on protecting our people, our places, and our planet. We make sure to operate in environmentally responsible ways, utilize local talent, and empower the communities that surround our operations. 

  • 90%
    local hires
  • 6,204
    metric tons
  • $605,000
  • 5
    North American Operations
90% Local Hires

We believe in hiring locally from the communities in which we operate it. For example, in 2016, 90% of Coeur Wharf’s new hires were hired locally from the Black Hills region.

6,204 Metric Tons

Since 2012, Coeur has recycled more than 7,236 metric tons of scrap metal. That’s about half the weight of the Brooklyn Bridge! For more environmental statistics, visit our Responsibility page.

$400,000 Donated

In 2017, Coeur contributed over $605,000 in donations to organizations found in the communities in which we operate. Employees are also encouraged to spend time volunteering through local programs and initiatives. 

5 North American Operations

Coeur has five operations found in stable mining jurisdictions across North America. Visit our Operations page for more information about each mine site. 



We are focused on maintaining a balanced portfolio, while growing and strengthening our pipeline. Mining begins with exploration, which is why Coeur invests valuable time, effort and capital into a number of exploration programs. Coeur has active exploration programs to not only explore external potential, but to also enhance our current assets. To date, Coeur has extended the Life of Mine of every one of our sites through strategic exploration and drilling programs. 

Strategic Investments


We believe in working together as a team to deliver impactful results for our stakeholders. Our focus on long-term value emphasizes quality over quantity while integrating innovation into our daily procedures. We also place significant value on achieving operational excellence by delivering sustainable costs, and efficiency improvements at each operation.

  • 2000+
  • 90
    years of mining experience
  • $60.4
    million positive free cash-flow1
  • Strong Stakeholder Relationship
  • Diversified Assets
  • 48%
    Debt Reduction

Our team consists of credible, high-performing, results-oriented people that are dedicated to Pursuing a Higher Standard. We Pursue a Higher Standard through consistent and SAFE production, environmental leadership, proactive stakeholder engagement and strong governance. Visit our Careers page to search our open positions.

2000+ Employees

In a cyclical industry, Coeur has remained true through 90 years of operation. We believe in honoring the past while leading the way into the future. Visit our About Coeur page to learn more about who we are. 

90 Years of Experience

In 2017, Coeur generated positive free cash-flow of $60.4 million. Through a strategic business plan, we focus on maintaining a flexible balance sheet, disciplined capital allocation, and positive free cash-flow. This allows us to emphasis a quality over quantity approach while ensuring long-term value creation for our stakeholders. Visit our Investor Relations page for our 2017 Annual Report.

(1) Free cash flow is defined as cash flow from operating activities less capital expenditures and gold production royalty payments.

$60.4 Free Cash Flow

Our stakeholders influence our actions. We work to maintain positive relationships while ensuring long-term value creation for our stakeholders. Want more information? Visit our Responsibility page.

Strong Stakeholder Relationship

Coeur is a growing precious metals producer with operations found throughout North America. We mine gold, silver, zinc and lead. Visit our Operations page for more information about our current assets.

Diversified Assets

We have consistently reduced our debt year over year; since quarter 3 in 2015, we have successfully reduced our total debt by 48%. Reducing debt, is one way we maintain a strong but flexible balance sheet.

48% Debt Reduction